Did you know UK Foreign Exchange Market is the Largest in Trading Volume?

February 23, 2017

The Largest Foreign Exchange Market in the world is...

Did you know UK Foreign Exchange Market is the Largest in Trading Volume?

Forex Fact! The net average daily turnover during April 2016 in the UK foreign exchange market was $2,426 billion!

In 2016, the UK was the Largest center of Foreign Exchange Activity with 37% of Global Turnover.

It is the fact proved with the number. London Exchange Market is one of the Largest(or the Largest) in the world.

Over 8 billion dollars of transactions made in 2016, London Market’s share is quite big.

But do you know what this means for Retail FX traders?

More Transactions More Merit

By the data, it is known that the London and New York Exchange Markets are the Largest market in the world.

Together, these markets cover majority of world’s market share.

This also means that the opening hours of London and New York Exchange Market are the Best time to trade Forex for retail traders.

It is because High Transaction Volume leads to

More Liquidity and Less Slippage Amount

Tighter Spread among all currencies

Especially day traders and Scalpers may benefit from this conditions even more.

HotForex MT4 with Tight Spread

HotForex offers Tight spread from 0.1 pip.

It is the average spread during normal hours though, during the opening hours of London and NY exchange markets, the spread is even more stable at the lowest.

If you haven’t considered the hours of trading for your Investment, maybe now is the time to upgrade your trading skill!

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