CySEC broker Tradeo to set “Starter Leverage 1:50” for all New Accounts

January 30, 2017

Tradeo is restricting leverage to 1:50 for all new trading accounts.


Please note that the information of Tradeo on the website maybe outdated.

CySEC broker Tradeo to set “Starter Leverage 1:50” for all New Accounts

Tradeo likes to inform you that “” operated by UR Trade Fix Ltd (the “Company”) established new policies and procedures, in relation to the level of Forex leverage granted to its clients.

In light of the above, please note that the Company’s NEW clients shall be granted by default, leverage of 1:50 (FX Only). However, they will be given the option to increase their leverage up to a maximum level, given they meet specific conditions.

In case you have opened your trading accounts before 26.1.2016, Tradeo suggests lowering your leverage to the default 1:50, in order to minimize your risks. Otherwise, your accounts will continue at current leverage levels.

Leverage adjustment can be made via “My Dashboard” → “Settings ” → “Account leverage”, then lower to the desired level from the drop-down menu by clicking the “Change Leverage” button.

Leverage Restrictions to all CySEC licensed brokers

As you may have been already notified, all CySEC brokers will have the same(or similar depending on each FX broker’s decision) conditions changed from February 1st or before that date.

The changes won’t apply to existing trading accounts which are already opened before the condition change, but still all investors are recommended to lower the leverage according to each trading experience.

For further investment, in order to have higher leverage than 1:50, you will need to pass some appropriate test by the broker.

The assessment will be made by each broker, and you will be notified how the decisions will be made further.

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