Corporate Public Reports Schedules for Stock CFDs by IFC Markets

May 3, 2016

IFC Markets offers completed Corporate Public Reports Schedules to its traders.

ic market stock cfd corporate calendar

If you are trading Stocks(or Stock CFDs), you may want to review the “Corporate Public Reports” which have the most significant impact on stock prices of these companies.

IFC Markers provides you with the full list of schedules of these “Public Report” in its official website for Stock Traders.

The broker offers more than 500 CFD instruments and trading tools such as the schedules of the corporate reports and other technical analysis.

What is “Corporate Public Report”?

It is a report provided by all Stock companies once per certain period.

The report includes their mandatory basis public reports on their financial and industrial activities for the reporting period.

It is provided quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Just like an important economic News release which has large affect on Forex markets, the “Corporate Public Report” has large impact on the stock prices of the company on the Stock Exchange and on the amount of the dividends paid.

No one can read the future prices, but you can find out when significant changes happen in Stock markets by reviewing the reports of IFC Markets.

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