“Close Only” during the Brexit Referendum Poll in LMFX MT4

June 22, 2016

Along with the leverage restrictions due to the expected high volatility by the Brexit Referendum Poll in UK, LMFX restricts the usage of the trading platform, MT4.

Due to the upcoming UK referendum the following instruments have now been placed into close only mode:

All UK Shares CFDs, and the following Stock Index CFDs, UK100, GER30, SPA35, SUI20, FRA40.

The above means that as of today you will no longer be able to open new orders on any of the above mentioned securities, moreover, any open pending order positions will be cancelled in the event the target price is reached during the close-only mode period.

This is a protective short term measure taken due to underlying market conditions and the surrounding market uncertainty which is likely to cause adverse trading conditions for the clients of LMFX.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact LMFX 24 hours livechat support team.

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