Choose your favorite car! and Win it by trading FX with FBS today!

July 6, 2017

FBS wants to decide which car to give away....

Choose your favorite car! and Win it by trading FX with FBS today!

FBS is planning to to give away a gorgeous car again to a trader soon.

But before deciding which one by themselves, FBS wants their 4 million online traders to decide which Car they want.

You have now 8 selections of cars as below.

  1. Lexus RX200t47
  2. BMW X3
  3. BMW X325
  4. Audi Q5
  5. Audi Q5 37
  6. Mercedes GLE 250
  7. Mercedes GLE 250 31
  8. Infiniti QX70

Have you chosen your car among the above already?

Go to FBS’s official website and vote today!

FBS will soon announce which car they will get as a trophy of next lucky draw!

Past Winners and Cars

Wondering if FBS really gives away a car to a trader or not?

FBS maybe the only one FX broker which really gives away many gifts like this to traders!

The broker has already given away 4 gorgeous cars to 4 traders so far!

  1. MERCEDES for Mohd Azmi Bin Mohamed Mokhtar
  3. AUDI A4 for Andrei Pak
  4. MAZDA HOKI for Eka Hadi Dirgantara Putra

Are you interested in becoming an owner of such a nice car?

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