Changing Pareto’s Principle by Investment Innovation

November 9, 2013

What the broker is aiming and expect for the new market?


Before subscribing to the information of Axiory, please note that we are currently not promoting Axiory and all information of the broker in the website is not up-to-date.

If one would like to profit in the financial markets there are generally only three options. The first is the quite difficult task of learning to trade well enough so you can become successful. Second, is to invest in a third-party money manager and have them trade for you. Finally, you could use an environment where there is a selection of trading strategies and then choose one or several that best suits your investment style.

Axiory understands that people are looking for a different approach to investing. That’s also why Axiory ‘s main goal is to help people profit and make investing in the financial markets easier. So for us the only question is: “what’s the best approach to help clients profit?”.

In the current market environment, there are thousands of brokers that offer trading products. You can download a platform and start trading in 5 minutes. It’s really easy to start – but does this broker care if you make a profit? This is where our business approach starts to differ in comparison to competitors. We believe that only when the client is long-term profitable, can they truly build a serious relationship with the broker. This is how we want to challenge the financial markets’ status quo.

For us, the status quo is represented by the simple fact of what is obvious in the markets today. More than 80 % of clients are losing and their behavior is affected by fear and greed, and this is where Pareto’s Principle (80/20 rule) comes into effect. Since most of them cannot spend months or even years improving themselves, they fail repeatedly. Of course – market maker models are based on this fact.

To improve the ratio of profitable clients beyond 20%, we decided to go further. We created an environment where traders offer investors the opportunity to connect to their strategies, and where investors offer traders the opportunity to profit with their capital. It’s called MultiTrader.

You probably know there are many forex social networks. One of these social networks is even available from Axiory, but this is not social trading – this is MultiTrading. And what makes the strategies in Multitrader different from those in social trading? It’s the strong relationship that exists among Axiory, the Multitrader team and the traders themselves.


Mr. Andrea Unger is the only person on the planet who has won the prestigious trading championships three times in a row with automated trading, and he won again in Q4 of 2012. He is a respected trader who has decided to cooperate with us. The founders of Axiory and MultiTrader met with Mr. Unger about a year ago and together they established a strong relationship built on trust. This cooperation developed further and in November of 2012, Axiory team and Andrea attended the world trading conference in Dubai called the “MENA 10th Forex, Managed Funds & Investment Opportunities”. Afterwards in the last months of 2012, Mr. Unger optimized his strategies especially for MultiTrader and now they are available for investors.

There are other traders listed in this report, each with their own story that I hope you will enjoy. But all the stories have one important aspect in common – trust.


Sometimes people ask me if we make any intervention when strategies occasionally have unsatisfactory results. My answer is always an unequivocal no. We do not intervene with strategies in any way because we respect the relationship between the client and the strategy provider. Moreover, there is a set of rules and limits which are mutually agreed on before these strategies are offered. However, we monitor the strategy’s trades to be certain that they remain within these limits. No action is taken when traders follow the guidelines, only when they fail to do so. That’s how we really care about the customer.

I think a good example of this is CapitalGuard. This is a system that continuously checks the equity on a strategy’s account and compares that to its previous highest balance achieved. For example, you choose a strategy with the CapitalGuard set to -35%. This means that when the equity is 35% lower than the strategies high-water mark, CapitalGuard will automatically close all investor account positions and prevent them from accepting any new trades. Simply stated, it defines the real loss that can occur on a strategy.

CapitalGuard is a protection level. It’s the worst case scenario because every strategy has its own maximum loss which is lower than CapitalGuard. This protection ensures that clients know what their risk is with each strategy. It is a much better feeling if you know that CapitalGaurd is helping to protect your money.

Another key point is transparency. Transparency with us means that you always have access to an overview of any strategy’s performance and your investment results. MyAxiory does all of this and more. It gives investors the possibility to take control of their investments and see them online at their convenience.

Axiory views MultiTrader as a market where there is a predefined set of rules that each strategy must follow for investors, and from Axiory’s perspective, this is the solution that can help clients profit in the financial markets.


All the ideas behind these solutions are created by people who are investors themselves and understand the investor’s needs. Investing isn’t like putting your savings in a bank. Thus, for every investor it is important to understand the risk vs. reward for each strategy. This report focuses on highlighting strategies with the best risk vs. reward ratios. It is important to ask yourself when choosing a strategy “what is my target investment goal and what are my risk aversions?”. MultiTrader is not for investors who are looking for quick guaranteed investment opportunities. It is for the investor who is looking for profits above 20% yearly with acceptable risks.


In 2013, Axiory clients can expect more innovative investment solutions. The solutions that are being prepared by Axiory will take investing to a whole new level. This is how we will change “Pareto’s Principle” in the financial markets.

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