Changed Trading Schedule & Upcoming Contract Expiration Dates in 2017

October 27, 2017

Products Trading Schedule - November 2017.

Changed Trading Schedule & Upcoming Contract Expiration Dates in 2017

This article is originally referred from KVB Kunlun

For the changed market hours in November 2017, please refer to the below table.

Products 3/11
NIK225 Closed Normal Closed Normal Normal
Crude Oil Normal 1:00-22:59 1:00-19:59 1:00-20:44 Normal
Gold/Silver Normal Normal 1:00-19:59 1:00-20:44 Normal
Copper Normal Normal 1:00-19:59 1:00-20:44 1:00-22:59
USDX Normal Normal 3:00-19:59 3:00-20:14 Normal
Corn/Soybean Normal Normal Closed 16:30-20:04 Normal
DJI30 Normal Normal Closed 16:30-19:59 Normal
Normal Normal Closed 16:30-20:14 Normal
HSI Normal Normal Normal Normal 3:15-6:00

The following are KVB Kunlun trading products with expiry date in November:

Products Expiry date
CHINA300 15/11/2017
Crude Oil 16/11/2017
Rubber 24/11/2017
HSI, CHINA-A50, Corn, Copper 27/11/2017
*Please be aware that the times indicated above are the trading platform hour (the trading platform time is six hours behind Beijing time).

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the KVB Kunlun representatives.

Original Source: KVB Kunlun

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