Change of symbol names on MT4 Pro account

October 19, 2017

Updates have been made on MyFX Markets's trading server.

Change of symbol names on MT4 Pro account

MyFX Markets has done updates on “US09 trading server” today.

The change also affects to the symbol names of financial instruments. For all symbols provided by “Pro Server” will have “.pro” added at the end of each symbol name.

e.g. from USDJPY to

In case you are trading with “US09 trading server”, you may need to make adjustment accordingly for use of EAs(Expert Advisers).

You can see the new symbols by right clicking on “Market Watch” window and select “Show All”.

In case you are using a mobile application for trading, tap on “+” mark at the upper right side of the screen and add new symbols from there.

For more information, please contact MyFX Markets support team.

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