“USOIL”CFD Contract Expiration Notification by Fidelis Capital Markets

October 14, 2016

"USOIL" contracts to be expiring this October.


Please note that we no longer promote Fidelis CM, thus the information regarding to the broker on this website maybe outdated.

“USOIL”CFD Contract Expiration Notification by Fidelis Capital Markets

Please note that there will be a few CFD contracts expiring this October on Fidelis CM’s trading platforms.

Please find the details of the upcoming contract expiration.

 Expiring Contracts – Expiration Date Current Existing Contract Upcoming New Contract
 USOIL.NOV16 – October 19th 2016  USOIL.DEC16 / USOIL.JAN17  USOIL.FEB17
 USOIL – October 18th 2016  USOIL (Nov.)  USOIL (Dec.)

All current existing open positions and pending orders of above financial instruments will be closed and cancelled at the same time of the expiration date.

With Fidelis Capital Markets, no CFD positions will be rolled forward to the next contract automatically. If you wish to continue trading the relevant CFD products, you may open new positions after the expiration date.


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