CentroFX Welcome 30% Deposit Bonus Promotion


"CentroFX Welcome 30% Deposit Bonus Promotion" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of CentroFX in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More


Please note that Hercules Finance is no longer introducing "CentroFX" due to regulatory reasons.

CentroFX Welcome 30% Deposit Bonus Promotion

Promotion Details

Available toNew Clients of CentroFX
DurationUntil Further Notice
Offer30% Bonus up to 3000 USD
How to getDeposit more than 500 USD
WithdrawalNot Available

CentroFX Welcome Bonus up to 3,000 USD!

You have two choices to start with CentroFX:

Receive the 30% Deposit Bonus to power up your equity, but profits will be shared with CentroFX proportionally


Deposit and start trading with your own equity without any bonuses

How to receive 30% Deposit Bonus

  1. Open an Account with CentroFX
  2. Send a request for the Bonus from here
  3. Deposit more than 500 USD for the First Time
  4. Send an email to CentroFX Support to receive the Bonus
  5. After approval, the bonus will be credited

*The Bonus is up to 3,000 USD and is not available for withdrawal.

Terms and Conditions

  • The promotion is available for new clients of CentroFX
  • To be eligible for receiving the fund, you need to deposit more than 500 USD as the first deposit in the newly opened account
  • You cannot deposit separately to reach the minimum deposit amount, 500 USD
  • The bonus amount cannot be withdrawn, but can be used solely for tradings
  • In order to receive the bonus amount, you need to contact CentroFX official support team to request for the Bonus
  • The Bonus is available only once per client, but you cannot receive it several times with additional accounts
  • The maximum bonus amount is 3,000 USD
  • If CentroFX considers a client has abused the bonus conditions, the company may cancel the bonus amount and also the profit amount derived on the bonus amount, which will be calculated with the below formula

Considered Benefits Gained = (Equity at time of Withdrawal / Original Equity) * Bonus Amount

  • In case of withdrawal after making profits in the relevant account, CentroFX will also remove the appropriate profit amount from the account according to the following formula

You Deposit: 5000 USD

The Bonus amount is: 1500 USD

Account Equity: 6500 USD

Profit Amount: 6500 USD

Account Equity: 13000 USD

The profit which CentroFX will remove = (13000 USD / 6500 USD) * 1500 USD = 3000

*In case you have not made any profits on bonus amounts, CentroFX will remove only the bonus amount upon thefirst withdrawal

You can find the full “Terms and Conditions” in the below PDF.

CentroFX Welcome 30% Deposit Bonus Promotion “Terms and Conditions”

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