CentroFX offers FREE VPS “Virtual Perfect Server” with MT5 Fixed Spread Condition

February 6, 2017

Get the VPS for Free, and trade on "the MT5" of CentroFX.


Please note that Hercules Finance is no longer introducing "CentroFX" due to regulatory reasons.

CentroFX offers FREE VPS “Virtual Perfect Server” with MT5 Fixed Spread Condition

CentroFX offers MT5 with Fixed Spread from 1.6 pips.

In terms of Trading Cost, CentroFX offers level of the world’s lowest. That makes CentroFX’s MT5 a very convenient environment for EA traders.

But it isn’t just provided for retail investors…

CentroFX is ready to offer “Free VPS” for all traders!

*Terms and Conditions apply.

CentroFX’s VPS isn’t just a “Virtual Private Server”, but a “Virtual Perfect Server”.

It is available for Free, 24/7 non-stop and with high speed execution.

Through RDP(Remote Desktop Protocol), you get to connect to the world’s finest VPS for Free, with CentroFX.

“Low Cost” = CentroFX

CentroFX offers investment services with very low cost.

Here are some of the “Low Cost” conditions offered by CentroFX.

  1. The spread is fixed and starts from 1.6 pips.
  2. Official Cash Back Bonus 0.3 pips is available for everyone.
  3. CentroFX covers all fees for Deposit, even for charges by corresponding banks.
  4. Free VPS for EA traders.

Brand new Forex broker licensed by CySEC.

Don’t miss out this opportunity!

For more information of this “Free VPS”, please contact CentroFX Support Team.

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