CentroFX Loyalty 20% re-Deposit Bonus Promotion


"CentroFX Loyalty 20% re-Deposit Bonus Promotion" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of CentroFX in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More


Please note that Hercules Finance is no longer introducing "CentroFX" due to regulatory reasons.

CentroFX Loyalty 20% re-Deposit Bonus Promotion

Promotion Details

Available toNew and Existing Clients
DurationUntil Further Notice
Offer20% Bonus up to 2,000 USD
How to getRe-Deposit more than 500 USD
WithdrawalNot Available

CentroFX 20% Re-Deposit Bonus for additional deposits, up to 2,000 USD.

Have you missed your first opportunity? CentroFX is giving you the second chance to power up your Account Equity!

How to receive 20% re-Deposit Bonus

  1. Open a Live account with CentroFX
  2. Deposit for the first time
  3. Start Trading
  4. Send a Request for the Bonus from here
  5. Re-Depsoit more than 500 USD
  6. Contact CentroFX Support Team
  7. 20% Bonus will be credited on the re-Deposit after approval

*The Bonus will not be applied to your First Deposit.

*This Bonus is available several times as long as you meet the requirements.

Terms and Conditions

  • The bonus will be applied to any subsequent additional deposits as long as the relevant account and the deposit amount meet the requirements
  • The minimum required deposit amount for this bonus is 500 USD and that amount needs to be reached with one deposit but not with several deposits
  • After making a deposit, you need to contact CentroFX to apply for the bonus to receive an approval
  • If CentroFX finds that a client is abusing the bonus program, the company has the right to remove the full bonus amount as well as the profits generated in the relevant account accoring to the following formula:

Considrered Benefit Gained = (Equity at time of Withdrawal / Original Equity) * Bonus Amount

  • The maximum bonus amount a client can receive with this promotion is 2,000 USD
  • The bonus amount itself cannot be withdrawn, but can be used solely for the purpose of tradings
  • In case you withdraw any funds from the relevant account, CentroFX will remove the whole bonus amount and the proportional profits amount generated by using the bonus amount, which is calculated as follows:

Your Deposit Amount: 5,000 USD

The Bonus Amount: 1,000 USD

Account Equity: 6,000 USD

Profit Gained: 7,000 USD

Account Equity: 13,000 USD

Considered Profits earned by the Bonus: (13,000 USD / 6,000 USD) * 1,000 USD Bonus = 2,167 USD

Actual Balance eligible for withdrawal: 13,000 USD – 2,167 USD = 10,833 USD

  • No internal transfers are considered as “deposits” which is eligible for receiving this bonus

You can find the full “Terms and Conditions” in the below PDF.

CentroFX Loyalty 20% re-Deposit Bonus Promotion “Terms and Conditions”

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