Brexit Refendum Poll to restrict leverage from 20th of June

June 10, 2016

You may want to prepare for the upcoming big political event, which will also have economical affect.

Brexit Refendum Poll to restrict leverage from 20th of June

Please note that due to the upcoming “Brexit Referendum Poll” in UK on 23th of June in 2016, the economy is (especially on GBE and EUR related) expected to have extreme high volatility during the period.

Although, the “Referendum Poll” is planned to be placed on 26th of June, the high volatiliry is expected before and after the date.

You are advised to take care of your positions and manage your risk exposure accordingly, as the political event is an opportunity to make profit and also a risk to lose your funds.

Leverage Restrictions

As it is the priority of TitanFX, the broker is going to reduce the maximum leverage available on “GBE currency pairs” to 1:100 from 20th to 24th of June, in order to reduce risk exposures on the currency pair.

Depending on your trading situation, you may be required to close some positions or make a deposit to support your existing positions.

Also, if you are using EAs(expert advisers) to trade on TitanFX MT4, you may be required to change the setting of you trading program accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact TitanFX official support team.

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