Brent/Crude Oils & Natural Gas CFD Contract to expire this February

February 2, 2017

Important upcoming CFD Expiry dates on February 2017.

Brent/Crude Oils & Natural Gas CFD Contract to expire this February

Please be aware of that the following Energy CFD contracts will be expiring this month (February 2017).

You are advised to close all your relevant open positions before the expiry date/time, otherwise Traders Trust will close all open positions in your accounts when the CFD’s will expire at the last available market price.

For details of expiring Energy CFD contracts, please see the table below (all times are in GMT).

Expering CFDs Symbol Name on MT4 The date/time to expire
UK Brent UKOil 27th Feb 2017 21:45
US Crude USOil 20th Feb 2017 21:45
Natural Gas NGAS 23rd Feb 2017 21:45

Please note that above dates and times are subject to change at anytime due to Traders Trust’s liquidity providers’ conditions.

No other financial instruments will be affected by this change.

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