CySEC announced ACFX license continues to be suspended

May 12, 2016

CySEC continues the suspension of ACFX financial license.


ACFX has decided to close its business on May, 2016. The Broker will no longer accept any new account openings, new orders or deposit. If you were trading with ACFX you are only allowed to close your existing open positions.

CySEC announced ACFX license continues to be suspended

After one month of license suspension, ACFX had already dismissed many of their workers and according to our source, the Broker will soon make an official announcement regarding its closure of Forex business.

Today CySEC has officially announced that it is going to continue the license suspension.

“Atlas Capital Financial Services Ltd’ (‘the Company’), with number 085/07, continues to be suspended” (quoted from the official announcement of CySEC.)

Although there are only the staff members who are familiar with withdrawal processes are remained in the office and it is hardly believed that the Broker is capable of continuing its Forex service, ACFX itself has not announced its decision publicly yet.

The contents of the suspension is still the same from the previous one.

What ACFX’s traders can do now?

Still there is no progress on the matter, and traders of ACFX are not able to open a new trading account nor place new orders to open a position.

All they can do is “Close all the existing open positions and request for fund withdrawals.”.

Many of the workers are already left though, some staffs are still remained and processing withdrawals for existing funds.

In case you still have your funds with ACFX, you may want to start requesting withdrawals from your accounts.

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