Breakfast with Broadcast that gives essential Forex market news

December 21, 2013

While you prepare a cup of tea in the morning, our team is filtering out the most important news and data from the markets. The U.S. session, Asian session, European open, everything that has an impact is captured for you right here. Is there a Eurogroup summit this weekend? Is it earnings season? What’s happening in Spanish parliament? Is there a risk of crossing the 7% magic line on Italian bonds? If it’s major market news, you won’t miss it!

We know that every profitable trade made by self-traders is dependent on how they receive their news every day. It can be a real artistry to get oriented into the flow of interpreting thousands of headlines across the Internet. Additionally, it can be difficult making a thorough analysis of what’s happening at the moment while trying to distinguish between what’s new and important and what the market may already be reflecting.

That’s why the producers and analysts have streamlined the broadcast content to deliver to you the most relevant and essential Forex market news that impacts your trading decisions. Receive your technical and fundamental analysis concisely, and become oriented with the markets quicker than ever before. As a bonus to your news, every broadcast will give a brief explanation of some trading examples from the best of the MultiTrader strategies.

Use our broadcast daily for your trading, learning about our strategies or just keeping informed about what makes the business world go around. Every weekday at 11:00 GMT on our webpage. And the best part is, that you can enjoy it all while finishing your morning tea, FREE 🙂

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