Bitcoin Cash(BCC) Deposit & Spot Trading available with OKCoin now

August 23, 2017

OKCoin adds Bitcoin Cash to its portfolio.

Bitcoin Cash(BCC) Deposit & Spot Trading available with OKCoin now

OKCoin is happy to announce that the company now accept:

  • Deposit via Bitcoin Cash(BCC)
  • Spot Trading on Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash is a new crypto-currency created by the Hard Fork happened in August 1st, 2017.

After technical verification and comprehensive testing, OKCoin will officially support the currency and its exchange.

Bitcoin Cash Deposit & Spot Trading are currently available only on Desktop version. These options on mobile application will follow in the near future.

The above 2 options are available from August 22nd (06:00 Eastern Standard Time, UTC+20 HRS, 18:00 China/Hong Kong time).

How to Deposit via Bitcoin Cash(BCC)

To make a BCC deposit, simply log in to OKCoin and proceed to “Account”→”Deposit-BCC Deposit” as below.

Then you will receive your BCC deposit address for Deposit.

*To ensure a safe trading environment and to avoid potential 51% attacks and transaction malleability, there will be increased security verifications when depositing BCC.

How to Trade Bitcoin Cash(BCC)

To spot trade Bitcoin Cash, please login to OKCoin and proceed to “Trade”→”BCC Spot”→”Buy/Sell BCC”.

Commission of BCC Spot Trading are as follow:

  • 0.01% from Aug 22nd to Aug 28th
  • 0.05% from Aug 29th to Sep 4th

For more information, please contact OKCoin support team directly.

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