Best Customer Service Broker Asia 2016! FBS recognized in UK London!

April 13, 2017

3 reasons How FBS's customer service is exceptional.

Best Customer Service Broker Asia 2016! FBS recognized in UK London!

FBS is happy to announce that it is being recognized as the FX Broker with “Best Customer Service” in Asia.

The industry award has been offered by Global Banking & Finance Review 2016 in UK London.

FBS is one of only a few financial companies which have been awarded with such a honor!

FBS has been receiving over 20 financial industry awards and accreditation though, its “Customer Service” is one thing the broker is proud of for years.

But how FBS’s customer service is great?

Let us introduce some examples.

Prompt Responses

FBS replies to your message promptly.

It is often that we wait for a few days just to hear one response from a FX broker though, FBS isn’t like that.

At least, we get their response in a few minutes or a few hours for every single inquiry.

Solving Problems

FBS’s staffs are highly educated.

We just hate talking to someone who doesn’t know how to response or doesn’t even know what kind of service the FX broker offer.

FBS’s teamwork makes “solving problems fast” possible 24/7.

Account Managers

In 2017, almost every single FX broker offers service of “account managers”, as in someone taking care of your account management exclusively.

But with FBS, you will be with an “Account Manager who knows your business”.

They will be your partners to assist your trading activities closely every day.

FBS has many advantages to offer other than this “Customer Service”, as the broker has its reason to be the Top FX Broker in our current ranking.

Would you like to know what are those?

Find out more information in the official website!

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