Be aware of “Fake News against XM” which are Malicious or Grievously Misleading

April 10, 2017

Some fake News spread on the web?

Be aware of “Fake News against XM” which are Malicious or Grievously Misleading

Few days after several News about XM came on the internet, XM company has officially notified all traders that these information “may be driven by a malicious intent and/or be grievously misleading.”

The broker wants all traders to know and “be cautious of unreliable and uncredited news sources that are quite common in the new age of information.”

XM has also mentioned that “There is no Real client complaint that has not been dealt with until the present day.

If you have seen any suspicious information about XM appeared from this month, you may report it to XM and find out whether the source is credible or not.

XM’s support is available in over 20 international languages.

XM Official Website

XM the Largest MT4 Broker

XM has been recently recognized as the Largest MT4 Broker, according to MetaQuotes(the developer of MT4).

The broker is currently fully licensed by UK FCA, Australian ASIC and Cyprus CySEC.

With its honest and reliable service for over 8 years, the broker has never been trouble with customers or regulatory authorities before as far as we’ve known.

XM now has nearly 1 million FX traders to take care of.

As the “Big & Human” broker, XM continues to grow internationally and continues to expand its market in retail FX market.

XM Official Website

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