Atiora MT4 Live Trading Contest -Awards of 2,500 USD Every Month-

Just another MT4 Contest run by Atiora. Join for Free and Get awarded every month!

Atiora MT4 Live Trading Contest -Awards of 2,500 USD Every Month-

Promotion Details

Contest DatesEvery Month
Available toBoth New & Existing Clients
Registration openFrom 20th of Preceding Month to 19th of Contest Month
to ParticipateOpen an Account & Deposit 100 USD
WithdrawalAvailable for Withdrawal

This is another “Live MT4 Trading Contest” held monthly by Atiora, which you can join together with another “Trading Contest” together.

For this Contest, the prize fund is 2,500 USD distributed to the Top 3 traders!

Join for Free and Get the change to earn extra income.

How to join the “Contest”

1. Sign up with Atiora & Open an Account

In order to join the contest, you need to open a New live trading account first.

All accounts types are eligible for joining this contest.

2. Deposit 100 USD

Deposit 100 USD, no less or no more.

Atiora accepts variety of trading methods including Bank Transfers, Credit/Debit cards and Online Payments etc.

3. “Take Part” of the Contest

Go to the “Contest Page” on Atiora’s official website, and click on “Take Part”.

Then fill in the required field as below.

*After confirming the participation to the Contest, the leverage of the “Contest Account” will be fixed to 1:100.

4. Start Trading within the Contest Period

Start trading to win the Contest!

Each Contest starts at 11:00:00 of the 1st of each Month, and ends at 23:59:00 of the Last day of the Month.

☆Point – Atiora allows any kinds trading methods through the promotion, except arbitrage.

*Any trading activities before or after the Contest is prohibited.

5. Get awarded with Prize Funds

The Top 3 winners will be chosen according to the Highest account balances.

The Prize Funds 2,500 USD will be distributed as below.

1st Prize – 1,250
2nd Prize – 750
3rd Prize – 500

*At the end of each contest, the contest accounts will be unavailable for trading.

Withdrawal Conditions

You can withdraw your own Funds or Profits from the contest account at anytime, but it may affect your contest results.

Any requirements of Contest Award Funds Withdrawals, will be informed to the winners from Atiora later.

Full Terms & Conditions

Please make sure that you know the rules of this contest before joining.

  • The registration is available from 20th at 11:00:00 of preceding month, until 19th at 23:59:00 of the Contest month. Thus basically it is available every day.
  • Only one account per trader can join this contest.
  • You are allowed to join several trading contests at the same time but with different accounts.
  • All trading results of participants will be disclosed on the official website of Atiora. In case your account number isn’t in the list, then the account isn’t included in the contest.
  • Any activities to manipulate the promotion, is prohibited.

For more information or inquiries, please contact Atiora’s 24/5 customer support desk.

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