Atiora Loyalty Program -Free VPS, Cash Back and EA creator-

Atiora is giving away some "Forex Gifts" to its loyal traders.


"Atiora Loyalty Program -Free VPS, Cash Back and EA creator-" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of Atiora in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More

Promotion Details

DatesAll Year Promotion
Available toBoth New and Existing Clients
DurationAt all time
OfferFree VPS, Cash Back, Molanis(EA creator) etc
How to getTrade and earn
WithdrawalExchanged Bonus is Withdrawable at Anytime

There is a new page available for this promotion. Please visit the page below.

New! Atiora Loyalty Bonus Promotion

ECN broker, Atiora’s Loyalty Program is here. Trade more and longer and earn more benefits from Atiora.

Being loyal pays you with Atiora.

The Gifts from Atiora

There are mainly three gifts prepared for Atiora’s loyal traders. All of them can be earned by trading normally with Atiora.

Molanis – EA Builder Application

molanis ea builder creator program mt4 atiora

Ever wondered about creating your own program to trade, but don’t know how? Molanis is a “MQL code generator” which helps you build your code and programs.

You don’t need to know about coding, programming or any knowledges on MQL4/5 language, with Molanis, you can create ready-to-use EAs(Expert Advisers) and Indicators on a graphic environment.

All you need to have is an idea of a trading strategy to make prorits.

You will be required following points to get the “Molanis Strategy Builder”.

700 points for Molanis Strategy Builder Standard (for MT4)

1,500 points for Molanis Strategy Builder Pro (for MT4)

MyForexVPS – Virtual Private Server

myforexvps atiora mt4 5 server

If have already created your own profitable EAs, or bought it from internet, now you are in need of a MT4 and PC which run 24/7. Yes, the best solution for this is the VPS(Virtual Private Server) which you can have it running 24/7 as long as you have required points accumulated.

This Virtual Private Server (also referred as Virtual Dedicated Server) is hosted in a secure, redundant data center and optimized to maximize your trading potential.

Get an EA and VPS, run that program and make profits, and continue using the VPS with the earned “Atiora Points”. To use the VPS (MyForexVPS), you will need to have following “Atiora Points” every month.

40 points per month for ECO X VPS

150 points per month for PRO X VPS

Cash Back with Points


Enough with the EA related services, but you want the real money as your rewards? Then you may exchange your “Atiora Points” to Cash directly.

With Atiora, you can get $10 to your trading account for every 100 points.

This Cash Back Promotion is guaranteed by the broker, and unlimited as long as you keep trading with Atiora.

How to get the gifts

In order to start earning this “Atiora Points”, you just need to start trading on your own in your real trading accounts.

Atiora Points will be accumulated automatically according to your trading volume, and you can check the points by logging into your client portal as below.

points loyalty program atiora bonus promotion

Then if you have enough points to earn some rewards, go to “Atiora Reward Program Store” in the client portal and send a request to Atiora to exchange the points to your favorite rewards.

ATIORA REWARD PROGRAM STORE loyalty program bonus promotion


50 USD for Free

123 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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