Atiora Demo Forex Trading Contest “Quarter Champion”

Atiora Forex Demo Championship. Trade with virtual money and real cash money into your Forex trading account.


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Atiora Demo Forex Trading Contest “Quarter Champion”

Promotion Details

Contest Datesfrom 1st - 31st of the month
Available toBoth New and Existing Clients
Registration openfrom 20th - 30th of the contest month
Prizes5,000 USD distributed to Top 10 Traders
WithdrawalCash Prize is Withdrawable by Trading Required Lots

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New! Atiora Demo Trading Contest

In this “Demo” Trading Contest, you will be provided with 10,000 USD of virtual money in your MT4 account.

Atiora is giving away a cash prize of 5,000 USD quarterly to the winners of this Demo trading contest.

How to join the contest

  1. Download Atiora MT4 from the official website
  2. Open a Demo account with the balance set to $10,000
  3. Send a request to join the contest from the promotion page
  4. Trade to make profits as much as you can during the contest period (3 months)

There are 4 different trading contest run by Atiora, and this Demo trading contest is one of them.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only one Demo trading account per person can join the contest
  • You will need to agree to disclose certain information (country, account number and balance) in case your rating is included within 40th in the contest
  • You can find the latest ranking(rating of participants) from the promotion page in the official website
  • All Demo trading accounts which join this contest will have 10,000 USD as its initial balance and the leverage is set to 1:100
  • You are not allowed to trade before and after the contest period, but you can only place orders during the contest period
  • At the end of the contest, you are obliged to close all open positions and pending orders in the trading accounts
  • After the end of the contest round, your Demo trading account which has participated the contest will be unavailable for trading
  • You can not manage several contest accounts from the same IP address, even if several people are involved in the contest
  • In case Atiora finds that the same IP address is managing several contest accounts, then these accounts will be disqualified from the contest
  • Trading conditions and available financial instruments in the contest accounts are the same ones as the live trading accounts.
  • The cash prizes distributed to contest winners are available trading and profit making, and also withdrawal by meeting certain requirements
  • Atiora will choose the winners according to the account balance at the end of each contest round
  • There will be 10 winners in each contest round and cash prizes are distributed as follows

1st place – $1500

2nd place – $1200

3rd place – $800

4th place – $600

5th place – $400

6th place – $100

7th place – $100

8th place – $100

9th place – $100

10th place – $100

  • If there are several winners with the same account balance at the end of each contest, then the cash prize will be distributed to each of them in equal shares
  • In order to receive the prize after the contest, you will need to open another live trading account to receive the money and contact Atiora support teamATIORA Company reserves the right to disqualify participant of contest stage without prior notice, in the event of a breach contest rules of the participant

123 USD for Free

50 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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