Apple Watch Sales Dropped by over 50%

July 22, 2016

Apple Watch Sales Dropped by over 50%

This article is originally referred from iForex Blog

At Least According to a New Report 

IDC, a market intelligence firm, released a new report which suggests Apple Watch sales have decreased – big time. According to the data released last week, the smartwatch’s sales have dropped by as much as 55% in the second quarter of 2016, while global smartwatch sales (in which Apple holds the lion’s share) decreased by 32%.

Apple still holds 47% of the smartwatch market, making it the industry’s number one, but it’s the only one among the top five to experience a sale decline. In contrast, Samsung more than doubled its market share over the same period, rising to 16%.

One possible reason for the decline in sales is that many potential customers are waiting for the hardware update that is expected later this year.

As iPhone sales slow, the Apple Watch is an important part of the company’s growth strategy. Will the expected update and the Apple Watch 2 (which is expected this fall) serve the solution Apple is looking for? At iFOREX you can learn how to trade the share price of Apple, Samsung and many other tech giants and potentially benefit from market volatility.

Original Source: iForex Blog

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