Analysis: French Election, NFP & many more Economic News this week!

April 24, 2017

The Biggest Market Movers This Week With FXPRIMUS

Analysis: French Election, NFP & many more Economic News this week!

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On Friday the markets closed on a subtle note as traders were getting ready for the elections in France.

The EUR saw some big gains as the two front runners from the France election for round 1 will now go head to head in round 2.

Macron and Le Pen emerged victorious (the final tally looks to be 23.75% to 21.53% in favour of Macron).


First day of the week Monday is expected to be quiet as the market digests the election first round result, we also have German IFO business climate which may also help to keep the EUR elevated.


This will be a quiet day in terms of news releases along with bank holidays in Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

However we do have US Consumer Confidence during the North American session.


The Inflation data out will be out for Australia, and retail sales out of Canada, the CAD has been sold off recently with some weaker economic releases and also due to oil prices falling, with regards to this we also have Crude Oil inventories out of the US this day.


This will be busy day of news starting early in the Asian Session with the Japanese Government announcing their interest rate decision, the ECB will also make their Interest rate decision followed by a press conference as usual.

Both are heavily expected to keep rates stable. We than have durable goods orders out of the US to help because some moves in the greenback.


Expect heavy news on this day, all releases are not considered major but traders will be watching the UK and US GDP, both are very important indicators and will definitely shape the landscape for the following week to come with regards to each respective currency.

News wise we have a stable amount of indicators that can move the market this week, investors will try to take advantage of moves and information gained during the interest rate decisions.

We also have quite a few key Government officials speaking this week that can definitely move the markets.

Major mover from this weekend was the EUR as the first round of elections came to a close and the market reacted with a relief rally causing the EUR to reach highs not seen Oct 2016.

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