Alibaba to assist global tech firms in China

August 10, 2016

Alibaba is interested in China now.

Alibaba to assist global tech firms in China

This article is originally referred from iForex Blog

Alibaba Group has expressed interest in assisting global tech firms in finding their way in China. This is particularly important as the Chinese market which is not welcoming to foreign technology, to say the least. Having a local partner, and a powerful, influential one, can make a world of difference in companies’ transition and growth in China.

Now, Alibaba is ready to guide foreign companies to battle through the tangle web of local regulations as well as to sell their products. Does Alibaba do this for sheer altruism? Far from it. It’s interested in finding new ways to grow in hope of overcoming the sluggish economy in China. The largest company to have taken up the offer so far is the German SAP.

Last year, the Asian superpower announced it will block computing equipment, servers and software, and has tightened regulations in a way that makes it difficult for U.S. companies to benefit from China’s information product market which is estimated at $465 billion.

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Original Source: iForex Blog

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