AceForex Company Registration to St.Vincent & Grenadines from New Zealand

January 5, 2016

AceForex moving from NZ to St.Vincent & Granadines.


Please note that the information regarding to AceForex maybe outdated on the website. We are currently not accepting new account openings for Cash Back Promotion.

AceForex Company Registration to St.Vincent & Grenadines from New Zealand

Ex-NZ based Forex broker, AceForex has changed its company registration from “New Zaland’s FSPR” to “St.Vincent & Grenadines’s FSA IBC”.

The registration number this time is FSA#23464 IBC2016, according to our source from AceForex.

As “Hercules Finance” have previously reported that the company registration of AceForex has been cancelled by New Zealand FSPR in March, 2016.

From company registration in NZ to another company registration in St.Vincent & Grenadines. Please note that these registration numbers are not license numbers, thus AceForex is not regulated by any major financial authorities now.

For investors who like to know about this IBC registration of FSA in St.Vincent & Grenadines, here are some rules which FSA has written in the official website.

  1. An IBC can be used for many purposes for example:
    (i)    International trading, investment activities.
    (ii)   Used by professionals for asset protection
    Buying and selling goods and services.
    To hold bank accounts and operate businesses.
       For ownership of intellectual property, licensing and franchising.
    Internet business (business websites)

  2. Does not do any kind of business with residents of SVG

  3. An IBC is exempt from paying taxes in SVG (but has the option of paying 1% tax).

  4. Must have a Registered Agent in SVG.

  5. Cannot carry on any activity for which it requires a licence granted by the Authority, unless such a  licence has been granted. (eg: Mutual Funds business, International Banking Business, International Insurance business).

  6. An IBC may own land in SVG as long as it obtains an Alien Land Holding Licence.

  7. May issue registered shares or bearer shares.

  8. May have only one director and one shareholder.

  9. Does not have to register directors and shareholders but this information must be kept with the Registered Agent (must maintain a Register).

  10. Shareholders, directors and officers may reside anywhere in the world and their meetings may be held wherever they decide. There is no residency or nationality requirement for shareholders, directors and/or officers of a SVG IBC.

A broker with no troubles

Despite the fact that AceForex is not regulated by any major regulatory authorities, the broker has almost never has troubles regarding to tradings and deposits/withdrawals.

One of the reason of that is because AceForex does not act as a Market Maker, thus its traders can carry on their trades smoothly and the broker does not need to delay or assess withdrawal requests to check its past trading activities.

Still “not having a license” would be a good reason to pay attention to broker’s activity though, AceForex does have stable positive reputations over the years.

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