Continued “Post Brexit” leverage & Stop Out conditions by MyFXMarkets

June 27, 2016

The residents of the United Kingdom have spoken, with a historic decision to leave the European Union.

Many online brokers expect market volatility to remain for the short-term, and will continue to implement appropriate risk management measures as necessary for their client protection, whilst ensuring an optimal trading environment for traders to capitalize on market volatility.

MyFXMarkets, has also taken another majors for post Brexit impact.

Please note the following changes to margin requirements and order sizes:

Changes of Leverage & Stop Out Conditions

MyFXMarkets will be raising the maximum leverage from 20:1 to 50:1 (2%) on the products listed in the table below, and the maximum leverage on all other products will remain at 100:1 (1%) from 15:00 June 27th, 2016 AEST (06:00 BST, 08:00 MT4 Server Time).

Also, Stop-out(liquidation) levels will be reduced from 50% to 20%, meaning your positions will be automatically closed out if the margin in your account is less than 80% of the required level.

The maximum order size and trade sizes will be restored to ‘pre-Brexit’ levels across all Products.

Symbols Maximum Leverage Margin Requirements
AUDJPY 50:1 2%
CAC40.fs 50:1 2%
CADJPY 50:1 2%
DAX30.fs 50:1 2%
DJ30.fs 50:1 2%
EURGBP 50:1 2%
EURJPY 50:1 2%
EUSTX50.fs 50:1 2%
FT100.fs 50:1 2%
GBPAUD 50:1 2%
GBPCAD 50:1 2%
GBPCHF 50:1 2%
GBPJPY 50:1 2%
GBPNZD 50:1 2%
GBPUSD 50:1 2%
NK225.fs 50:1 2%
S&P.fs 50:1 2%
SPI200.fs 50:1 2%
XAGUSD 50:1 2%
XAUUSD 50:1 2%
All other Symbols 100:1 1%

These conditions will remain in place until further notice, however MyFXMarkets will endeavour to revert to their standard terms as soon as they deem possible.

“Post Brexit” Economical Impact

Remember, events which drive significant market volatility such as the aftermath of the ‘Brexit’ vote can provide traders with increased opportunity, but also increased risk.

You are recommended to take extra care to monitor your exposure and ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to cover margin requirements.

Especially if you are trading with a broker with “post Brexit trading restrictions”.

MyFXMarkets will also continue to carefully monitor market volatility and implement appropriate risk management measures as deemed necessary.

Rest assured, we and MyFXMarkets will keep you informed of changes as they are made. If you are trading, or holding positions during this period, your action is required.

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