5 ways to improve your reach! Meet easyMarkets at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference!

July 6, 2017

easyMarkets has 5 tips to share with you!

5 ways to improve your reach! Meet easyMarkets at Amsterdam Affiliate Conference!

This month easyMarkets has prepared five tips to help you improve your reach and ultimately increase conversions.

We are also excited about the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference.

Let’s get started!

Meet Me at the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference

It’s officially July and the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference is coming soon!

If you will be attending the conference between the 11th and 14th of July please let me know by replying to this email, so we can arrange a time to meet up for a coffee and chat. Hurry!

If you still haven’t checked out the conference yet you still have time to do it! Details here.

It’s time to maximize your efforts as an affiliate

Being an affiliate is not always easy work, and your efforts are always appreciated at easyMarkets.

easyMarkets would like to help you by giving you five ways you can improve your reach and help your conversion rate spike.

5 Ways to Improve Your Reach as an Affiliate

1. Collaborate with easyMarkets to arrange face-to-face meet ups

You can go one step ahead of online advertising and organize seminars.

In fact, if you choose to go down this path, you can let them know and they can help you organize the event.

If time permits, easyMarkets could arrange for a speaker from easyMarkets to attend.

There is great potential in the partnership.

All you have to do is speak with easyMarkets and they can discuss the options.

2. Entice your traders with our educational videos

As an easyMarkets affiliate you can share the “Discover Trading” educational video series with your viewers, to get them interested.

You can’t always expect viewers to immediately register.

That’s when educational videos can be used as a first-stop before opening an account.

3. Use all the marketing tools easyMarkets offers you

At first, it’s not easy to manage many things at once, but once you get the hang of it, you should take advantage of all the marketing tools you have access to.

easyMarkets provides you with a number of tools including multilingual affiliate banners, well-structured and compliant emails, Forex e-books, videos and various material which can be used to attract clients.

And don’t forget, they do take specialized requests, you just have to speak with easyMarkets and let them know what you need.

4. Take advantage of social media

Today social media is one of the most powerful advertising and acquisition tools.

Even if you are not a social media specialist there are many easy ways to still be socially active.

It may take time to grow a Facebook page or get enough twitter followers but it’s definitely worth the effort.

5. Reach out to other websites

Your website is probably great but reaching out to other affiliate websites can help you expand your reach.

You can always use easyMarkets’ ad materials from banners to landing pages and push your message across.

If you are already following some, or all the above steps, then you are already on a good path.

If not then you can benefit by trying out some of these methods and remember easyMarkets is always here to help you out. If you have any questions contact them and they can work it out.

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