2016 November “The Best” cTrader Forex Brokers -Two of the Bests are here-

November 9, 2016

cTrader offers the most "Fair" trading environment. Guaranteed!

2016 November “The Best” cTrader Forex Brokers -Two of the Bests are here-

cTrader trading platform is built by Spotware, it isn’t MetaTrader4 but it is completely another trading platform for investors.

MetaTrader4 is generally known as the most popular trading platform, and majority of Online Forex & CFD brokers use MetaTrader4 to provide financial services to their traders.

Of course, MT4 is very organized and almost perfect trading platform and it shouldn’t be a worse choice to trade with the platform.

But today, we like to introduce how cTrader is great and which cTrader brokers are recommended.

cTrader “ECN Trading Platform”


cTrader’s main advantages are:

  1. Very easy to use user-interface
  2. ECN(Electronic Communication Network) execution model

Firstly, cTrader is more fun and easy to use visually.

Unlike MetaTrader4, the platform is made more like a game, but not some complicated programs. Through cTrader, you don’t see much unknown words on it, but it is capable of doing almost the same thing or more of MetaTrader4.

ECN is a very important aspect of cTrader, this is why there are many users of cTrader now.

ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network, this system enables all investors to trade with direct market access to the liquidity providers.

To simplify this merit, cTrader doesn’t allow any market making activities of brokers, and guarantees that all orders of traders are directly sent to the directed liquidity providers without interference.

cTrader does allow a-book and also b-book model of brokerage service though, it is the platform’s limitation that no brokers can manipulate orders or prices on the platform.

Through cTrader, ECN/STP execution is guaranteed.

FXPro with cTrader

FXPro, a leading Forex broker based in Europe, offers cTrader trading platform with raw-spread.

The maximum leverage available is 1:500, the spread starts from 0 pip, and trading commission is only 4.5 USD per 1 lot.

Of course, FXPro is a STP broker, and there is no restrictions of trading methods through FXpro cTrader.

cTrader with one of the lowest cost of trading, is offered by FXPro.

You can find the full trading conditions of the account from below.


Tradeview with cTrader

Tradeview is relatively a new broker based in NY.

Tradeview’s cTrader account is available with only 100 USD of deposit.

The maximum leverage is 1:400, and the minimum spread starts from 0 pip with only 5 USD of trading commissions.

Tradeview strives to offer complete STP/ECN trading environment with very low cost from NY.

You can find more information from below.


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