“Emotions vs FX” Is it really important to consider while trading?

March 1, 2017

The Topics of the seminars today is about "Emotional Controls".

“Emotions vs FX” Is it really important to consider while trading?

You would be happy to learn that, starting in March, HotForex’s live webinars are becoming more interactive as they are devoting more time to your questions!

This week, HotForex will be presenting two sessions which you can join for free to ask all your Forex questions on the spot.

Yesterday they looked into the markets with a Live Analysis and today, HotForex deals with the topic of how important it is to control the mind when trading.

HotForex Seminar The Mind Games of Trading

The above seminar will be held on 01st of March 2017, at 11 AM in GMT.

On Thursday, our partner BlueSky is investigating the aspect of emotions in trading.

HotForex Seminar Emotional control in Forex

And the tomorrow’s seminar will be held on 2nd of March 2017, at 1 PM in GMT.

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