10 Frequently Asked Questions about MT4 trading platform… all answered here!

November 24, 2017

Are you a beginner? Don't worry, there is always a solution for a problem!

10 Frequently Asked Questions about MT4 trading platform… all answered here!

The number of basic questions for the most popular trading platform, MT4 never decreases… but we are here to answer all your questions!

To start with, we have 10 recently and frequently asked questions here!

1. My order is not yet executed. What shall I do?

It means your pending order is not yet processed, either due to lack of funds or the indicated price has not yet been reached.

2. I cannot log into my MT4. Why?

This could be because of invalid username and/or password. Try again or reset the login credentials from the client portal.

3. Can I view my MT4 trading history?

Export your trade history by logging into your MT4 terminal. Visit the ‘Account’ section and click ‘History of Trades’. Indicate the start date, end date, and format output.

4. How to put No Deposit Bonus into MT4 Platform?

If you get your bonus, it will be in your Terminal automatically.

5. What leverage should I have to get the No Deposit Bonus?

The maximum leverage for clients who applied for the No Deposit Bonus is 1:200. If your leverage is bigger, it will be automatically changed to 1:200 when you get the No Deposit Bonus.

6. Can I change my Leverage ?

Yes, you can do it via your Pesonal Cabinet.

7. What is the adress of your trading server?

The address of trading server for live accounts is, “real.forexmart.com:443”.

8. What should I do if I forgot my login and password?

Please, send a request to support team. Then they will re-send your access details.

9. Does ForexMart permit scalping and automated trading?

Yes. ForexMart can be used with any legal trading style and any Expert Advisor (automated trading system).

10. What is the smallest order size?

The minimum order size in trading is 0.01 lot.

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