Yadix 1.2 pip Cash Back Bonus Promotion -Unlimited & Withdrawable-

Yadix Official Cash Back Bonus Promotion! Get unlimited cash back rebate now!

Yadix 1.2 pip Cash Back Bonus Promotion -Unlimited & Withdrawable-

Promotion Details

Available toBoth New & Existing Clients
OfferUp to 1.2 pips Cash Back
How to getSignup & Trade
WithdrawalAvailable at anytime

Here is the beloved “Cash Back Bonus” by Yadix…
Everyone is eligible to receive the Cash Back for his/her trades!
Get them now and start earning extra income!

How to get Cash Back

1. Signup with Yadix for Free

Go to Yadix Official Website, and open a Live Trading Account for Free.
The online registration steps may take a few minutes only.

2. Deposit

Transfer your investment funds to Yadix to trade with any methods you like.
Yadix requires $100 as the minimum deposit amount.

3. Trade

Start trading now!
Yadix allows all kinds of trading methods/activities on the platform!
☆No restrictions in terms of tradings.

4. Get Cash Back

The Cash Back amount is different for each account type. Please refer to the below table.

*The Cash Back rebate will be credited to your relevant account instantly after closing each position.

Withdrawal Conditions

This promotion won’t add any conditions or requirements on fund withdrawal.
You can withdraw your funds at anytime you want.

Other Terms and Conditions

  • By joining this promotion, you can get Cash Back rebate for every closed trades instantly.
  • You will get Cash Back rebates for trades with profits and losses.
  • You can withdraw your Funds, Profits and the Cash Back amount at anytime you want.
  • There is no maximum amount of the Cash Back Bonus.

You can find the full & official Terms and Conditions of this promotion from below.

Yadix Bonus Promotion “Terms and Conditions”

Yadix Official Website

Free 123 USD

5 USD for Free

25 USD for Free

300 USD for Free

100 USD for Free

30 USD for Free


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