Land-FX 5% Recovery Bonus up to $3,000

Not just a deposit bonus, but recovery bonus offered to the accounts reached "margin call".

Land-FX 5% Recovery Bonus up to $3,000

Promotion Details

DatesAll year 2016
Available toNew and existing clients
Offer5% Deposit Bonus
How to getReceive margin call, deposit and trade required lots
WithdrawalNot available

The second great opportunity for the Land-FX traders.

You can receive the 5% Recovery Bonus, after the stop out(margin call) is triggered in your account.

How to receive the recovery bonus

  1. Start trading
  2. Account gets margin call(liquidation)
  3. Make a deposit
  4. Send a request to Land-FX
  5. Trade required lots


  • To receive the bonus, you need to deposit more than 300 dollars
  • The bonus is applicable to the account which trades are all liquidated(Stop out) and account balance is below 30 dollars
  • The bonus is available only once to one client
  • The bonus amount is not withdrawable
  • You need to trade required standard lots to earn the bonus
Deposit Amount Bonus Amount Required trading lots
 $300  $30 6 lots
 $500  $50  10 lots
 $1,000  $100  20 lots
 $2,500  $250  50 lots
 $5,000  $500  100 lots
 $10,000  $1,000  200 lots
 $25,000  $2,500 500 lots
 $30,000  $3,000  600 lots