Atiora Website being Hacked? Website’s down for a month & Domain changed

April 6, 2017

Atiora's revealed the "DDoS Attack" by hackers.

Atiora Website being Hacked? Website’s down for a month & Domain changed

Atiora has just announced the change of its Domain to “”.

The action was taken due to DDoS attack by hackers, according to Atiora’s official statement.

We had to change our website domain to:
due to hackers attack at our frontpage.
This may have been largest DDos Attack in the History.
Clients DATABASE and Trading Server are safe.
We are working hard to make sure that never happens again.
Thanks for all collaboration and reports.

According to the announcement and also the reports from traders, all traders could carry normal trading activities, and no client data has been leaked to third parties.

Atiora ensures traders that it won’t never happens again, but what happened first of all?

Atiora Official Website down for a month

Atiora’s website has started showing random “being hacked” messages since 2016 December.

Although it has been shown in the News section disturbing other news to be appeared, there was no impact on other Atiora’s operations.

Hacker’s message on the website

After the event, starting on March 2017, the official website of Atiora has been down until now.

Although the website was down for over a month, there was no impact on other operations again. Meanwhile, all traders traded and accessed their client portal as normal.

And today, Atiora has officially announced the issue and the change of its domain.

For more information or inquiries regarding to this, please contact Atiora support team.

Atiora Official Website

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