A number of Stock Index CFD Contracts are expiring tomorrow, June 16th 2017 on MT4

June 15, 2017

HotForex MT4 - Contract Expiration: June 16th 2017.

A number of Stock Index CFD Contracts are expiring tomorrow, June 16th 2017 on MT4

Tomorrow, 9 Stock Index CFD Contracts will be expiring on HotForex MT4.

The expiring CFD contracts are:

  • GER30.F
  • FRA40.F
  • US30.F
  • EU50.F
  • UK100.F
  • US100.F
  • US500.F
  • SUI20.F
  • N25.F

The current contracts of above CFDs will be expiring on 16th of June, 2017 and following actions will be taken.

  1. All open positions will be executed(closed) at the last available market price of the exiting contracts.
  2. All pending orders will be cancelled and won’t be rolled over to the next contract.

All profit and loss will be realized at the contract expiration.

If you wish to continue trading the CFDs, you may re-open positions after the contract expiration date.

For more information regarding to the above contract expiration dates, please contact HotForex support team.

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